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Gun Runner

Gun Runner is a driving/action game where your goal is to drive as long as possible.  Unfortunately, your steering wheel is broken.  The only way to move left or right is to fire a large gun on your car.  Firing the gun causes a force opposite that of the bullet(s), which can move your car horizontally across the road.  

However, you have to avoid hitting other cars, as destroying vehicles will alert the authorities to your position.  A ticking meter on the left of the screen represents how far the police are from catching you.  Merely driving along the road increases your distance; but if you destroy a vehicle, they'll catch up with you significantly.  Once your score reaches zero or your car ends up outside of the screen, its game over!

Use the up and down arrow keys or the "w" and "s" keys to control your car's forward and backward momentum, the mouse to aim, and left mouse button to fire the gun.  Press 'R' to reload, or click when the weapon is out of ammo.

Gun Runner is a prototype/proof of concept developed for the Game Maker's Tool Kit Jam (GMTK Jam) 2018.  The theme of the jam is "Genre without Mechanic".  Gun Runner has two Genres that fit the jam: Driving (without steering) and Shooter (without enemies).

As a prototype, it is rather rough.  Feedback is encouraged in the comments section!  I don't plan on updating the game before the jam is finished any more, but I might do some quality of life changes after the jam for fun.

Install instructions

This game download consists only of a stand-alone executable.  You need only to run the .exe file to play!


GMTKJ2018_Gun Runners.exe 2 MB


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This is a super-cute concept executed on nicely, thanks for making and sharing it!

had fun propelling myself around like a mad man

I'm glad!  Thanks for playing.